What Exactly Is A Dual Time Watch?

what is a dual time watch

It’s a small world after all- and no, I’m not talking about the kinda lame Disney attraction. Think about how easy it is for us to travel around the world these days- I can wake up on the east coast of the US and have dinner in Europe the same day. The world is more … Read more

How To Buy A Smartwatch The Smart Way

There’s no getting around it, smartwatches are the way of the future. In a world where everything seems to be connected to the internet, it was inevitable that the wristwatch was going to join that list. Unlike a lot of products that seem, well, kinda stupid to be connected (do I really need an app … Read more

Sports Watches 101: Everything You Need To Know (And More)

Sports watches come in a lot of varieties these days. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can find a great quartz sports watch for about $30. You can also spend 7 figures on a sophisticated, luxury mechanical timepiece that would make any professional athlete envious. And then there’s the technically advanced sports watches that … Read more

Does Buying A Fashion Watch Make Me A Bad Person?

what is a fashion watch

I hope you sense the humor in my title there. Let’s go ahead and answer that one first and foremost- no, I don’t think buying a fashion watch makes you a bad person. But in the world of watch aficionados, fashion watches can be a little frowned upon because they usually lack the elegant machinery … Read more

What Is A Pilot’s Watch And What Makes Them So Unique?

what is a pilots watch

Although airplane cockpits contain some of the most sophisticated technology in the world these days, many pilots still opt to wear what was once a crucial tool for aviation- the pilot’s watch. Back in the day, pilot’s used these essential timekeepers for all kinds of things. From syncing bombings during war to recording air speeds … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Field Watches

what is a field watch

Believe it or not, the tough and rugged field watches that where born out of necessity during the World Wars are still around and going strong today. I think this is pretty amazing in itself, considering how much technology and style have changed over the decades. But it really does go to show that a … Read more